Molecular Hydrogen is a strong antioxidant who are able to rapidly diffuse and neutralise free radicals throughout our body. Once Free Radicals is neutralised, they will be removed out from the body through urination. 


Dual function Hydrogen generator which allows you to consume hydrogen water on the go, and inhale hydrogen gas on the go! Inhaling Hydrogen water of 1000ppb and above for 15 minutes is equivalent to drinking 5L hydrogen water! 

Our Suiso technology utilises a PEM technology with Platinum and Titanium plate to ensure that there is no by product such as ozone and chlorine while producing hydrogen water! Suiso on the go Plus is ultra portable at only 196g, you can produce hydrogen water or inhale hydrogen gas anywhere, and anytime. 

There is two mode preset on the Suiso on the go Plus device, while pressing the button 1 time, 1000-1200 PPB hydrogen rich water will be produced in 5 minutes. While holding the button for 5 second, the inhaling mode will be switched on for 15 minutes. A fully charged battery will allow you to use 20 times for drinking and 4 times for inhaling on the go. 

Regain your Hydrogen Rich Lifestyle Today!  
All Suiso models comes with a 1 year warranty on device (not including battery) 


  • PEM electrolysis technology with platinum and titanium plate

  • ORP Value: -250 to -400

  • H2 concentration: 1000 to 1200ppb (5 minute cycle)

  • Battery: 3.7v Lithium-ion battery

  • Product size: 69mm diameter, 103mm Height


Clean with Citric acid or white vinegar weekly to ensure no scale build up on the electrolysis plate 



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