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Hydrogen Water?

We've heard of so many types of water in the market, RO water, filtered water, Alkaline water, MRET water, vibration water .. etc and now we are hearing Hydrogen water?

Water is the source of life, our body makes up of 70% water and we need water to survive, we definitely want the most out of our drinking water and drinking the right type of water DO make a difference in our body!

So... what is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen makes out of 2 hydrogen molecule. There is many ways to get hydrogen water, to name some, pumping of hydrogen gas into drinking water, or using an electrolysis process to separate water molecule (H2O) into H2 and O2.

Because H2 is not "unstable" it will go into our body and targets the free radicals and remove them from Urination

Free Radicals?

They are the bad guy in our body or in the environment. They attack our healthy cells and eventually create a chain of damaged cells. To prevent free radicals, look out for bright coloured fruits and vegetable or consume anti oxidants and Hydrogen Water.

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