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How to choose a Hydrogen Generator

We are mostly flooded with different types of hydrogen generators in the market, some cheaper, some more expensive. So, how do we know which is the right fit for us?

There is two kinds of generators in the market- electrolysis or magnesium stick. Also, you could get hydrogen water from alkaline machine, as hydrogen is the by-product of alkaline water filters. However we do not recommend drinking alkaline water in the long run, we will talk about this topic later.

So magnesium stick, you can get hydrogen water from magnesium stick, however the waiting process for the stick to generate hydrogen water is long and the hydrogen content is generally low. There will be magnesium hydroxide produce when using this method and it may have side effect including diahrrea, or overdose of magnesium hydroxide.

Electrolysis? Is it safe? You have probably did this in high school in your chemistry class, putting water and two plates together, turn on the current and we gather the gasses of the hydrogen and oxygen in a test tube, and test both the test tube with a match, there will be a pop sound when testing on the test tube with hydrogen. Remember this experiment? YES!

So, this is the exact same theory of how we create hydrogen water from electrolysis minus fact that this experiment is using metal plates. Our Suiso devices uses a platinum and titanium plate, as platinum and titanium is a precious metal, it ensure that the plates will not erode or rust when using the device.

Suiso Electrolysis plate

This photo will give you a clearer idea on how hydrogen water is produced! Well, electrolysis and its plate is important, but there is also something more important which is the technology.

There is two method of electrolysis Ion Exchange Membrane (IEM) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM). IEM depends a lot on the mineral content of the water and hydrogen content produced are generally less than 1000 ppb. Aside from this, IEM devices will produce Chlorine and ozone after a while of using the device. Thus, if you are using an IEM device, or a non PEM technology device, please always check the chlorine level in your water.

PEM technology on the other hand is 100% safe and pure. A PEM membrane is placed in between the place to ensure that residual chlorine and ozone is removed from the device during electrolysis process. This membrane is an imported membrane which only available in United States which will filter out any chlorine and ozone and remove them through the device.

All our Suiso device is equipped with a vent to remove oxygen, residual chlorine gas and ozone out of the device. This will ensure that hydrogen water produced by our Suiso hydrogen water is 100% pure and safe for consumption.

Check our Suiso Device being tested with a chlorine tester!

P/s you can get a chlorine tester solution at any aquarium store or online at lazada or shopee!

Drink the right Hydrogen Water! Learn more about Suiso Hydrogen Water or request a DEMO by contacting us at +60179806790 or at our showroom Waze: Suiso Hydrogen Water!



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