Have you done your yearly full body checkup?

Many illnesses can be prevented right at the beginning, performing body test will let you maintain great health! 

In this modern era, we often put work and play before our health. There is a saying- Prevention is better than cure, having a annual body test is definitely a must! However, there are so many packages out there and the charges are all sky high that could vary from RM200++ to as high as RM2000++! Even after paying, we have to go through blood samples, urine test, ultrasounds, X-rays, and if needed different scopes...etc which could cause pain and a hassle! What more, we have to wait for 2-7 days to get a report after all the tests. 


Good News! What if I tell you that you do not need to take blood, X-rays, CT scan, gastroscopy...etc and you can get your result instantly, would you be keen to try?  We are using a Russian technology with 90% accuracy and this test will only take 30 minutes with 1-1 explanation! And the best part? IT'S FREE! (if you book online)