Molecular Hydrogen is a strong antioxidant who are able to rapidly diffuse and neutralise free radicals throughout our body. Once Free Radicals is neutralised, they will be removed out from the body through urination. 

Super convenient cap design allow you to bring Suiso EZi anywhere and produce hydrogen water easily with an android smartphone or power bank. 

Our Suiso technology utilises a PEM technology with Platinum and Titanium plate to ensure that there is no by-product such as ozone and chlorine while producing hydrogen water! Suiso Ezi is ultra portable, you can produce hydrogen water anywhere, and anytime. 

Regain your Hydrogen Rich Lifestyle Today!  
All Suiso models comes with a 1 year warranty on device


  • PEM electrolysis technology with platinum and titanium plate

  • ORP Value: -250 to -400

  • H2 concentration: 800 - 1000ppb (5 minute cycle) / 1000 -1200ppb (5 minute cycle x 2 ) 

  • Product size: 35.6mm diameter, 41.6mm Height


Clean with Citric acid or white vinegar weekly to ensure no scale build up on the electrolysis plate 



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